Why does the check valve not work?

Checks are also called check valves and check valves. However, in actual use, many users found that it was obvious that the check valve was installed and did not start the check valve effect. Today, we will analyze the related problems of the check valve check function failure:
Since the non-return valve is the unidirectional flow of the medium, you must pay attention to the installation direction of the valve, and install it according to the direction of the medium flow arrow on the valve, or determine the installation direction of the valve according to the starting direction of the valve disc. Without the effect of the check valve, the high-pressure water will flow back to the water pump, and the pump impeller will reverse under the impact of the high-pressure water. Because the impeller is subjected to the impact load of high pressure water, the impeller or other parts may become loose or damaged in severe cases.
Select different types of check valves according to different installation positions. Swing check valves, wafer check valves, silent check valves, muffler check valves, shuttle check valves, etc. can be installed in horizontal positions. Can also be installed on vertical pipes