quality control

The excellent quality of products comes from

perfect quality control

Our company follows the ISO9001 quality management system, environmental safety management system, and standardized control management system. We have built an internal quality assurance system with higher than international and domestic standards and customer requirements, and implemented comprehensive and whole-process quality management. AIV has a world-class inspection center, which can independently complete all inspections and tests from product prototype test certification to final product inspection; these inspections and inspections include: radiographic flaw detection, color flaw detection, magnetic particle flaw detection, ultrasonic flaw detection, and spectrum Analysis, material identification (PMI), metallographic examination, various mechanical performance tests, fire tests, ultra-low temperature tests, high temperature tests, vacuum tests, low leakage tests, high pressure gas tests, hydrodynamic tests, product life tests, and conventional water Press a series of valve experiments. In order to ensure the quality of the casting blanks, AIV has its own casting factory, which effectively controls each process from raw material production to finished product delivery. In addition, AIV actively implements Six Sigma management, implements a "zero defect" project within the company, and achieves continuous improvement of process control and management capabilities through advanced statistical analysis of data.