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Holiday Notice

The New Year holiday is coming, combined with the production task and work plan, we make the following holiday notice. Production system: 2.2-2.21, administration system: 2.6-2.19.
Please notice into your work plan. The warehouse of the company has some stock. Please contact the sales staff if you need. I wish you all a happy New Year!

Robot arm automatic production line leading to precision and efficiency

Zhejiang AIV Fluid Technology Co., Ltd. has introduced a new production line, which is equipped with automatic robot arm. It greatly improves the production accuracy and efficiency. The first group of equipment includes: four CNC lathes machine, four groups of automatic clamping tools, a group of mechanical arm, a group of raw materials and finished product conveyor belt. The first production line capacity is 24 sets per hour, processing size range from DN 15-50.
The production process is fully automated. Automatic replacement of raw materials, automatic operation of finishing procedures, full computer control, to avoid the deviation caused by manual errors, improve the processing accuracy of products. A group of assembly line can replace four ordinary lathes machines for finishing operation, which is controlled by computer and can be operated all day.
AIV will continue to invest in the upgrading of automation in all aspects of the production process to comprehensively improve the production capacity of the enterprise. The company's main services are valve casting and processing, specialized for the steam system, the main products are bellows valves, steam traps and so on.

Zhejiang AIV Fluid Technology Co.,Ltd. updated with new CE certificate

Zhejiang AIV Fluid Technology Co.,Ltd. updated with new CE certificate, according to the Pressure Equipment Directive 2014/68/EU Annex III, Module H.
After site visit and document reviewed by TUV officer, find out Newton is in standard management process, produce process and research process. TUV certification is a Technical
Inspection Association for the Europe valve market. It has special department for the valve and other pressure equipment. TUV originated from Steam Boiler Monitoring Association of Germany in 1872 and is the symbol of safety, reliability, and quality.
The Directive 2014 / 68 / EU Annex III Module H is highest level of the CE certificate.The scope of certification of Zhejiang AIV Fluid Technology Co.,Ltd including the products are
gate valves(Max.PN100,DN600),
ball valves(Max.PN100,DN500),
globe valves(Max.PN100,DN500),
check valves(Max.PN100,DN600),
The certificate NO. Is DGR-0036-QS-1346-20, valid until October 27th, 2023.
The main products of the Zhejiang AIV Fluid Technology Co., Ltd. contains bellow sealed valves, gate valve, globe valve, check valve, steam trap, strainers, safety valve, pressure reducing valve, steam separator and other valves for steam system, thermal oil system and general industry system. The main material covers A105, WCB, Stainless steel etc. The nominal diameter is from 1/2” to 24” (15mm~600mm) .The nominal pressure is from PN16-PN40(150lb~2500lb). Working temperature is between -196℃~600℃.

Zhejiang AIV Fluid Technology Co.,Ltd. in HEATEC

Zhejiang AIV Fluid Technology Co.,Ltd. will participate the HEATEC, from 3rd to 5th December in the Shanghai International Expo Center. AIV is good supplier for your boiler system. We will show bellow sealed valves, gate valve, globe valve, check valve, steam trap, strainers, safety valve, pressure reducing valve, steam separator and other valves. Welcome to visit our stand .

AIV show in 16th CNPV

The 16th CNPV was held at the Chenggong International Convention and Exhibition Center in Fujian, China, on June 13-15. CNPV was founded in Nan'an, China. Relying on its booming water heating pump and valve resources, after more than ten years of testing and baptism, it has become the most influential and authoritative international professional exhibition of its kind in China. With the theme of "New Silk Road, new integration and new business opportunities", focusing on the new trends of development such as "innovative exhibition" and "online exhibition and sales platform", the fair will fully display the fruitful achievements of the development of Nan'an water heating pump valve and fire fighting equipment industry to the representatives of domestic and foreign water heating pump valve industry through the full combination of exhibition, exhibition and sales.
Zhejiang AIV Fluid Technology Co., Ltd. bring high-quality products to the exhibition, and conducted friendly communication and exchange with exhibitors and visitors. The company is headquartered in Wuxing industrial area, Dongyuan Town, Qingtian County, Lishui City, covering an area of 20000 ㎡and a building area of 15000 ㎡. It is a professional bellows valve manufacturer integrating valve casting, whole machine R&D, production and sales. The company is committed to the R&D and production of steam system and general industrial system products, and its leading products are bellows stop valve, bellows gate valve, stop valve, check valve, Y-type filter, etc.
Time : 2020/6/16

Industrial robots offer new impetus, intelligent manufacturing makes up lost time

Government of Qingtian, gives full play to its advantages in digital economy, intelligent manufacturing, improves production capacity and accelerates the release of production capacity through industrial robots.
Recently, Zhejiang AIV Fluid Technology Co., Ltd. officially return back to regular operation. With the roar of machines, more than 20 automatic production equipment independently developed by enterprises have been fully developed and produced at full capacity. Compared with busy machines, it is difficult to find workers in such a large workshop. Behind the orderly resumption of work, it is driven by waves of "machine replacement".
Mr. Yu Shengda, general manager of Zhejiang AIV Foundry Co., Ltd
Yu: Our equipment has been upgraded to intelligent equipment, now one person can operate three to five at the same time. "Machine instead person" to achieve low-cost and efficient production mode.
Yu: Zhejiang AIV Fluid Technology Co., Ltd. settled in the Wuxing Industrial Area of Dongyuan town last year through investment attraction. It was expected that the plant would be put into production after completion at the beginning of this year. Due to the COVID-19, the start-up of the enterprise was delayed. With the continuous promotion of epidemic prevention and control work, enterprises need not only "safety valve" but also "propeller" to resume work. How to grasp production, improve production capacity and seize time has become the top priority of enterprise owners.
Yu: After the government allows the enterprises to return to work and return to production, we are also constantly scrambling for time, working extra shift at night, so by installing and debugging new equipment, and even recruiting some excellent technical workers, we have now snatched back the time lost due to the epidemic.
Mr. Cheng Fasheng, deputy mayor of Dongyuan town
Cheng: This epidemic situation forced enterprises to speed up the exploration of internal potential, demand human resources and productivity from machines, seize strategic opportunities through automation equipment, actively explore the market and speed up the release of production capacity. All of these are inseparable from the strong support provided by Dongyuan town.
Cheng: In order to enable all enterprises in the town to start work as soon as possible and "get back" the lost production time, Dongyuan town has made clear the "one-to-one",  "one enterprise, one policy", continued to carry out the whole process of epidemic prevention and control and safety production supervision and tracking, and helped solve the problem by implementing various policies of stabilizing enterprises, benefiting enterprises, resuming production and resuming work, such as "ten assisting enterprises". Insufficient funds and materials reserve and difficulties in production and operation in the process of enterprise resumption of production, improve the mechanism of enterprise appeal collection, and take measures such as precise management and control of enterprise personnel, so as to weave a dense protective net for the start-up and resumption of production of the enterprise.
Cheng: For the normal construction and production of the enterprise, we simplify the approval time, submission process and approval and acceptance procedures, as long as we meet the conditions, we will go all the way "green light".Each enterprise has a special person to be responsible for providing them with the best service.
Time : 2020/3/12