According the description of working condition, we work carefully invalve selection.We know almost all dangerous media transportation application with extreme temperature and pressure,and provide the best selection of valves and services for each application.Selection service include regular standard productsand customized products. It consists of working condition consultation, valves selection, operation structure selection andother services according to special requirements.AlV is one of thebest choices for your partnership.

AIV bellow valve is designed with conical disc and double sealingstructure include bellows and packing. Research and developmentof new materials to provide outstanding performance of wear resistance and corrosion resistance.Advanced hydraulic simulationsoftware helps us optimize valves for the flow process.Customerscan benefit from safety working cycles, improved energy efficiencyand reduced operation costs.

Sealing Technology

Conical seal design

lt can magnify the axial force from valvestem into sealing force. Under the samepressure, greater sealing pressure canbe obtained.Closing is easier and

sealing performance is better.

Double seall design

Bellows and packing double sealingdesign for double safety.Which makesthe sealing at the valve stem safer andmore reliable, and conforms to international sealing standards.

Protective Space Design of Bellows

Protective space design can be added.Bellows are placed in a protective spaceand are not directly affected by pressureand temperature of media.

Low Noise, Low Flutter

Reduce noise and tremble

Equipped with center positional system,it can effectively reduce the vibration ofvalve in operation.

<60dB< /p>


AIV is widely applied in industrial processes, special mediatransmission and energy conversion worldwide. AlV takes the lead in customizing and introducing advancedequipment.Such as valve automatic processing center, Spanishautomatic testing equipment,Oxford spectrometer, micro-computer controlled co2 gas shielded surfacing machine, lowtemperature impact testing machine, tension testing machine,torque and life testing equipment.Advanced equipment ensurequality and safety.

We will always offer our customers with the most economicalsolution. Our products are widely applied in the field of energyefficiency, it is the result of precise design and selection.Efficientautomatic control system helps customers to develop the potential of energy saving, in order to maintain the safe andeconomic operation of factories.

Casting Technology of German Coated Sand






No stomata. Sand

holes and Cracks.


Effective wall

thickness standard

Corrugated Pipe

Bellows components

Extended and multiple layer, anti-torsionand long llife bellows can completelyrefresh the opening and closing life ofdomestic bellows, up to 10000 times.

Opening and closing life




100% bellows components and valvesqualified according to the fugitive emission test standard lSO15848-Astandard when they leave the factory.Ensure zero leakage.

iso 15848 A