Frequently Asked Questions

What is the structure of bellows seal valve?

The key part of bellows seal valve is mental bellows. It is the connection between cover and stem with automatic roll welding. Bellows and packing can protect against leakage and provide a excellent seal.

What is the strength of bellows seal valve?

Benefit from it's excellent seal, bellows seal valve can protect medium with no leakage. It is the best solution for the transport of toxic and corrosive medium. It has a longer service life and energy-saving performance.

What is the function of steam trap?

The steam trap can quickly remove condensate, prevent steam leakage, remove air and other non-condensable gases to protect the steam pipeline and improve the efficiency of the steam system.

How to selection for steam trap?

Selection need work media, pressure, temperature and flow rate.

What is steam temperature and pressure reduction system, condensate drain system, condensate recovery system?

Our experienced engineer can offer systematically design suggestion according to your plant design.

What is condensate flash?

Condensed water flash since for the different pressure and temperature between equipment and atmosphere, visually it feels like a large amount of "white smoke" is emitted.

What is the payment terms and transportation?

T/T and L/C are the regular payment terms. Mostly we transport products by sea. You can contact us for the details about the payment terms and transportation.

What is the trading area and certification?

Our main trading area are Asia, Middle East. We have certification of CE, TS, ISO etc.

What is the after service?

We have excellent after service. If there are any problem about installation and technology, our engineer can give you best solution in 2 working day.