150lb ANSI Standard Bellow seal globe valve


1. The double seal design of bellows and packing makes the stem seal much safer and more reliable, and meets the international sealing standards.
2. The valve adopts a cone seal, and no impurities on the sealing surface. When it tends to close, the sealing surface has self-cleaning effect. The conical sealing surface can amplify the stem axial force into a sealing force, which obtains a larger sealing pressure rate under the same pressure for easier close and better sealing performance.
4. All bellows are 100% low emission tested according to Class A in ISO15848 before delivery; All the bellow components and valves are 100% tested according to Class A in ISO15848 to ensure zero leakage.
5.The valve cover is equipped with a greasing joint, which can lubricate the stem, nut and Bush directly, unlike traditional gate valve,only lubrication for threads.
6. Ergonomics design handwheel, easy to operate.

Applicable medium: steam, hot and cold water, oil, biphenyl, fatty acid, etc.

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