DN15 DIN Standard Bellow Seal Globe Valve


1.German coated sand casting technology.Greatly improve the surface cleaning of body and mechanical behavior,which can reduce the air pore,trachoma,cracks and enhance the tensile strength.
2.When the valve is closed, a tapered seal with a "scraping effect" automatically removes surface impurities and ensures disc a reliable seal and longer use life.
3.Double seal design (bellow+packing),conform to international seal standard.
4.All bellows 100% tested by helium, all valves 100% passed the standard test to ensure zero leakage.
5.The triangular positioning device need to be installed when product size exceeding DN150(we have gotten patent),It can effectively prevent the occurrence of these phenomena,such as make noisy and cause damage to inner parts.The most important thing is that it can enhance the effective life of more than 150%.
6.According to the conditions required to provide a variety of disc design, such as throttle type disc, the plane soft seal disc,globe check disc etc

Hot oil system,steam system,cold and warm water system etc industrial situation.

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